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I see the appeal in buying or renting a DIY carpet cleaning machine. There are so many on the market today and it’s quite convenient to have something in the home that can help pick up spills and accidents within seconds of them happening.

I’m not against DIY cleaners and I do believe they have a place and can aid in the maintenance of keeping your furnishings looking great. I mean, it’s not going to be the most feasible or realistic expectation to call your carpet cleaner every time there’s a small spill on your floors or upholstery!

So, the big question:

What is the difference between paying a professional for their services or using a DIY machine?

I’m glad you’re curious and reading along. I believe spot cleaners are great to have on hand to clean up small spills readily and surface clean your furnishings. The top of the range DIY machine is around the $700 mark plus cleaning solutions. They’re not too bad price wise, but the reality is that they’re just not that strong. They don’t have high pressure to flush your carpet thoroughly or to deep clean it, they don’t have the vacuum power to really pull anywhere near as much OUT of the carpets, and in turn leaving too much moisture in the carpet. Please keep in mind domestic rentals and chemicals can damage your carpets! There is no machine that fits every single fiber type. There is not one solution that suits every single fiber type. All natural fibers (e.g., wool) cannot handle aggressive cleaning solutions without high risk of damage and only like neutral chemicals. Majority of domestic chemicals that come with machine rentals or are available to purchase instore come with aggressive cleaning solutions to give you better results, which isn’t always the safest option for your floor. If you do plan on using these solutions, make sure to always colour test in an inconspicuous area to ensure there will be no colour loss.

There’s no match to a professional set up run by an experienced cleaner.

For a true deep clean, there’s no better on the market than a truck mounted steam cleaner. They produce up to 245 degree of heat, 1500 adjustable water pressure and 450 CFM of vacuum lift. It has the capability to thoroughly flush your floors, and extract what’s lurking within the fibers. The heat it puts out not only aids in the cleaning process but helps kills germs and bacteria. When you leave it to a professional, not only do you get a deeper clean with industrial grade equipment, but you also get warranties, guarantees and insured work if anything is to happen to your floors or furniture around them.

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