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Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Pet accidents are extremely common. It is likely that if you have a pet and carpet – you have had to deal with an accident in the past. As much as we love our pets, urine can be very damaging to carpet and upholstery. Those who have experienced it know that the smell can be over-bearing, especially in the warmer months.

A common question is “does steam cleaning remove the urine?” Unfortunately, no. Think of it this way, you have urine in the carpet, which is a surfactant, meaning it is great at breaking down surface tension and penetrating deep. The urine has likely gone through to the carpet backing so the stain you see on the surface is likely a lot smaller than what is underneath the carpet (see photo below).

Extracting to this level is not possible with a standard wand, as they are not designed to extract deep enough into the fibre. We have specialised tools that can and are designed for the sole purpose of this.

Using a wand and doing a regular steam cleaning process is only introducing heat and moisture to an already existing bacteria ground, which in turn makes the problem worse.

The most common issue homeowners have is the smell. Urine produces uric crystals, which harbour bacteria. The bacteria then produce an off-gas which is the terrible smell we get from urine.

The only way to neutralize the smell is to kill the uric crystals and dissolve the source completely. We do this in our process using our specialised tool (which gets right down into the backing), enzymes, alkaline chemistry, and odour neutralizers. This is quite a thorough and time-consuming process, purely because if the source is not eliminated completely, the smell will remain.

In some heavily soiled areas, where there have been multiple accidents in one spot or left untreated for a long period of time, the carpet may need to be pulled up and the underlay and concrete will need to be sealed or replaced. Depending on the size of the pet, area affected, how long it has been there etc. will determine the correct steps to take. In most cases, if you call a professional quickly, we can remove the source before it gets deep and penetrates the concrete or delaminates the carpet. Urine stains are more likely to come out if treated in a timely fashion and become harder to remove when time has passed.

Our process:

  1. We inspect your carpet with a UV light, this will show any areas with uric crystals present as they glow fluoro yellow

  2. Replicate the accident with enzymes to kill the uric crystals

  3. Use a specialised tool called a water claw which is designed to extract past the surface of the carpet fibres and right into the backing of the carpet

  4. Flush and extract the area until the water claw runs clear and have removed all deposits and moisture from the area

  5. Use an odour neutralizer to the area

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