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Updated: Mar 16

So you've booked a carpet/ tile cleaner and you're wondering what you should do to prepare before the technician arrives?

Here are a few tips we ask of our customers to prepare before our arrival:

1. Pre-Vacuuming – This allows our cleaning solutions to get right to the carpet surface where it’s most effective. The more soil we can get out, the cleaner your carpets will be. Tile Cleaning - If we are cleaning the tile, please vacuum all tiled areas and into the crevices to ensure they're prepped for cleaning.

2. Parking – A clear area to park our van that has access to a door entry. Although not necessary, the closer we are to the entrance, the less hose we use, which means stronger use and better performance from our equipment.

3. Kids and animals – We care about your loved ones and we don’t want to risk any accidental harm. Our hoses can get extremely hot and we will need the door slightly open for access to our hoses during our cleaning process. We don't want any escapees or accidents happening, so it's best to put the pup out and make sure the little ones are away from the areas we are working around to curb any risk.

4. Furniture – We’re happy to move to the side light easily moved items. We want your things safe, to ensure this please move any heavy or breakable furniture/items prior to our arrival. Anything you don’t or can’t move; we are happy to clean around.

5. Access to power and water – While this doesn’t apply to everyone, we do work for landlords renting out properties or families buying a new home, who might not have the power or water turned on at current. If this applies to you, please double check we have access to both.

6. Drying – Airflow is crucial for the drying process, please make sure there’s at least a window open in the house to get air circulating throughout. Locking up a completely sealed house after cleaning can really drag out or even halt the drying process.

7. Payment – Payment is to be made on the completion of work via card or cash. We have eftpos onboard for your convenience and we will send through an electronic receipt after payment is received. Please note we do not invoice or keep accounts. If you are meeting us at the property for access, you can pay on our arrival prior to you leaving or if you are simply leaving a key, we will call for eftpos over the phone before we commence works.

8. Sit back and relax. We'll take care of the rest.

Carpet typically dries within 4-6 hours with good airflow. Feel free to go about your life like we aren’t there. The process we use leaves your carpet chemical free, so there are no worries for rapid resoling. If you need to access the areas we have cleaned before the carpet is dry, please ask for some booties (shoe covers) to protect your freshly cleaned carpet!

Tiles can be walked on once the tile itself is dry which will be similar dry times to mopping. Please note due to the high volume of water going in between the grout lines and it being porous, the grout will appear darker when wet and typically become multiple shades lighter once dry. Sealing Tile - Sealed tiles will need 4 hours to cure. If you can wear socks for the rest of the afternoon, even better!

I hope this helps and clears up any questions you may have. Of course if you have any other questions on how to prepare or the like, feel free to reach out and ask us on 0430 988 392.

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