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The floor in your home can make a big difference on its overall appearance. Dirty looking tile and grout can leave your home with a dull, tired look.

Grout is referring to the material in between your tiles, grout is a porous material that attracts dirt, dust and debris.

Even if you clean your floors on a regular basis, due to the nature of grout lines being lower than the tile itself, it can make deep cleaning in between the lines a challenge.

As my grandma would say, “back in my day…” she would scrub her floors on her knees with a grout brush to get between every groove once a year to maintain her floors appearance.

This would not only be extremely time consuming, but back breaking. Not to mention most of the chemicals you can buy from the grocery store are usually acidic based and not great for your floors and especially your health.

Fortunately, due to technology today, she never has to do that again!

The way we can clean floors is not only more effective but also inexpensive due to contrary belief, with our average house being around the $400 mark.

It only takes hours to complete an entire house instead of days. We avoid using acidic based chemicals which etch a layer away from your tile and grout and use alkaline chemistry instead. This is better for you and your floors.

So how does our process compare to either mopping or the ol’ hand and knee scrub?

Let me give you a short run down on our process for comparison.

1 - We inspect the floor for any pre-existing damage e.g. Loose grout, discoloration.

2 - Do a tile test to determine if your tile is manmade or natural

3 - Choose our chemistry depending on the above factor and type of problematic soiling

4 - Apply a commercial grade product specifically for the type of tile and soiling in your home

5 - Use a roto wash, which is a counter rotating scrubber to loosen all dirt and debris before the extraction process

6 - This is where the magic happens. We then use a tool called a spinner. A spinner is similar in nature to a gurney. It is essentially a powerful pressure washer which has a dome around it to stop splash back and trap dirt. What makes it different to a gurney is that it has little vacuum slots around the edges of the dome, to be able to simultaneously suck up everything that is getting blasted out of the grout lines into our machine. Another effective part of this process is that due to it being hooked up to our truck mounted steamer, it’s also blasting the tile and grout with 210-degree water. This vital combination of high pressure, high heat and strong vacuum make the job a breeze and thoroughly deep cleans both the tile and grout

7 - We then flat top mop any remaining liquid for faster drying times

8 - Show you the results of your deep cleaned floors!

Here is an example of our work using the above method:

If you have any further questions on our process or would simply like to book – don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate today on 0430 988 392 or save time and book online here:

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