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Considering you’re reading this article; I’m going to be presumptuous and assume you’ve heard of the Carpet Cleaning Association of Western Australia, or you may only be hearing of them right now. Either way, let me tell you why you should be using a member for any of your flooring or upholstery needs.


Carpet cleaning is an unregulated industry. This means, any one can go and purchase equipment and start advertising their services without any formal training. This is unfortunate as carpet cleaning chemistry is complex and there’s not a lot of room for operator error before your floors are damaged.

Here are a some of the main operator errors we come across in this industry:

  • Over wetting carpet – moisture seeps into the backing and creates the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria to grow.

  • Using too high or too low pH on certain fibres which distort, burn, and discolour carpet

  • Too much mechanical agitation creating a “fuzz” or also known as fibre distortion

  • Leaving residue in the carpet which can cause rapid re-soiling issues

  • These are operator error and can be quite easy to do without the proper training and know-how.

That is why the CCAWA was created. It was founded in 1999 to up the standard of carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning in WA and give customers piece of mind knowing CCAWA technicians are fully trained and certified.

To be a member of the CCAWA you need to certify in Occupational Health and Safety and Carpet Cleaning as a minimal requirement. All cleaning must be done to the Australian standard, and we follow a code of ethics. You must attend 3 of 5 workshops per year to stay up to date with the latest methods, chemistry, and equipment. You must be police cleared and have your insurances up to date every year. This ensures the safety of our customers and their floorings; it raises the standard in our industry for our customers to experience premium results. To summarize the benefits of using a CCAWA member:

  • A fully trained and qualified technician (practical and theoretical)

  • Police cleared and insured technicians

  • 5 training classes a year to keep members up to date with the latest methods and technology in the industry

  • Carpet Cleaning Association of WA members have vehicles and equipment examined yearly to ensure OH&S requirements are being maintained

  • Carpet Cleaning Association of WA members guarantee their work complies with the Australian Standard (AS/NZS-3733/1995) which is a requirement of tenancy leases

  • Safe, trained & knowledgeable technician who can achieve the results you’d expect to achieve from a specialist in their field For more information on the CCAWA or to find a member in your area – Please visit their website here:

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